Does Kombucha Give Me An Energy Boost?: The Kombucha Buzz

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

If you’ve ever consumed kombucha, you’ve most likely felt a short buzz of energy. I for one, definitely have. Unfortunately, it lasts for a really short time. I get a mini rush/buzz or call it whatever you like, but drinking kombucha makes me feel good!

There are a lot of questions up in the air about the reason behind this buzz or rush of energy. I too wasn’t sure. Some people believe it’s the minuscule amounts of alcohol but it isn’t that. I’ll tell you where it comes from!

Yes, it is common to feel a small boost of energy from drinking kombucha. This small rush of energy comes from the unique combination of Probiotics and B- Vitamins, along with caffeine and L-Theanine abundantly present in kombucha. This combination of nutrients is likely to provide your body with a rush endorphins that make you feel good and give you an energy boost.

While drinking kombucha might make us feel happy and energetic, let’s understand the real cause behind it!

What Is This Kombucha Buzz? I haven’t felt it before!

Well if you haven’t felt it, it’s no biggie! But I do wish you did!

I’ve coined the term Kombucha Buzz myself so bear with me. It’s just the perfect mix of

a short-lived high and a buzz of energy that makes you feel good! And fortunately, it isn’t like caffeine or alcohol that ends with a bad crash

It’s Not The Alcohol!

Most people tend to automatically assume the buzz they feel is from the trace alcohol in kombucha. But in reality, Kombucha contains less than 0.5% alcohol and is considered as a nonalcoholic beverage.

If you’re wondering, where Kombucha gets its trace alcohol content from, you first need to understand the basic process of kombucha fermentation. Kombucha, essentially being a fermented tea, requires some sugar to kickstart this fermentation.

In the first few days, the bacteria get active and break down the sugar into alcohol.

This alcohol is then used by the yeast to produce the organic acids, like lactic acid, acetic acid & gluconic acid, that make kombucha so healthy. During this process of conversion, trace amounts of ethanol are left behind which gives kombucha its sub 0.5% alcohol content.

So, if you’re someone who gets a buzz from drinking kombucha, don’t think it’s the alcohol!

Then, Where Does The Kombucha Energy Boost Come From?

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