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During our trip
to Barcelona

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Being a health and fitness enthusiast and a passionate Kombucha brewer, at the age of 21, I started my own brand of Kombucha, KoBu by The Culture Ko.

But where did it all begin?

Back in 2018, while on holiday in Europe. Barcelona, that's where I first stumbled upon Kombucha, a fermented tea-based beverage. A relative of mine, following the growing trend of probiotics used to brew her own Kombucha.

Fascinated by the process, I took up a workshop by one of the most popular ferment shops in Barcelona. Since then, I've worked towards mastering the art and never looked back.

I came back to Mumbai and completely forgot about it. 

But a few months later, I was eating tons of calories with the aim to bulk up. Along with those calories, came immense bloating every night! And what's what got me to start brewing Kombucha in Mumbai again.

I procured a SCOBY through my network from someone in Tamil Nadu and had my first batch ready a week later. And it genuinely helped my bloating so much!

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Anand Makhija

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Being a nutrition buff, the next obvious step was to go deep into research to understand the use of probiotics and the importance of gut health. And that completely changed my perception and understanding of what 'being healthy' meant.

I realized the west was rapidly beginning to understand the importance of gut health, India was lagging behind. So I started a page on Instagram, with the sole aim of spreading knowledge and information on Gut Health, while yet brewing my own Booch!

Now that I had become a self-proclaimed brewing expert, I of course had to share with friends and family and yes, they loved it. That's how The Culture Ko. business began. 

From a rocky 2019, selling to just a handful of customers  (delivering myself sometimes too)  in 2020, we've gone through a whole cycle of ups and downs; re-launched the brand amidst the pandemic and built up our clientele. And we've left the house & built up a small team and manufacturing unit to manage the love & demand we get from our clients!

KoBu is now in over 30 locations in Mumbai and we're rapidly expanding day by day. The future looks bright!


Apart from the serious stuff


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Watching Neil deGrasse Tyson
rant about space

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Sindhi Curry
& Aloo Tuk

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Don't Stop Me Now

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